Q. What inspired The ABC's of
Couple's Fitness™ concept?

Years ago, the company founder was watching
a girlfriend do a Pilates routine on the floor.
She glowed so beautifully as she performed her
100 breaths. Well, she didn't get the opportunity
to finish that routine, but the idea of couples
exercising together to achieve optimum health
and improve intimacy was born.

Q. How does The ABC Concept help couples build relationships and intimacy?
Actively engaging in The ABCs of Couple's Fitness ™ exercise routines with your partner will create the environment for developing a well balanced relationship as the routines work on a physical, mental, emotional, and sensual level. These elements of fitness and intimacy are a powerful combination which will help you enhance your relationship.

Q. Is this Porn?

Absolutely not. The ABC's of Couple's Fitness ™ are tasteful and respectful sensual videos aimed at increasing communication, sensuality, and intimacy for couples, in a safe supportive atmosphere. Couples appearing in our videos are fitness professionals and appropriately attired. What individual couples choose to do or wear in the privacy of their own homes is completely optional.

Q. You mentioned The ABC's as a way of life? What does that mean?

The ABC concept can be used in daily life. Fitness is not only about exercise. It is also a mindset, a lifestyle, and a belief system. Elements of nutrition, health, motivation, and inspiration also need to be understood. If these concepts, along with our fitness program, are applied to your overall lifestyle, they can improve your quality of life.

Q. I am new to exercise. Will I be able to do the exercises?

There are several factors to consider before embarking on an exercise program. A beginner needs to be aware of the potential dangers of exercising and seek medical advice in advance. You may experience elevated blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, strain, or shock to the body. A beginner should be sure he or she is in an appropriate physical condition to participate in any exercise program. Other factors such as age, and family medical history, are also factors to be considered. Beginning couples in their 30's, 40's, or 50's should see a physician for an evaluation including past medical problems, blood test, and perhaps an exercise stress test.

Q. Are the routines easy to follow?

Yes. A female host guides you through the exercises while offering explanations, tips and encouragement. You may follow the couple in the video until you feel comfortable with the movements, then focus completely on each another while expanding the movements.

Q. I am quite advanced, but my partner is a beginner. Which should we purchase?

Eventually you will want to own all three videos in the series. However, it's probably a good idea to start with The ABC's of Couple's Fitness ™ Basic Moves. The ABC concept involves couples working together towards a common goal. One person's weakness is another's strength. Couples motivate, encourage, and help each other during the sessions. The exercise movements can be slightly adjusted to compensate for differences in exercise levels. Eventually, as your partner's fitness level increases, you can graduate to the other videos.

Q. How does The ABC's of Couple's Fitness™ differ from other programs such as Yoga, Pilates, and TaeBo?

The difference is tremendous. The ABC's of Couple's Fitness™ bonds couples and creates an atmosphere of togetherness while exercising. This program is the only program combining exercise with elements of sensuality and intimacy. It's the perfect combination for couples wishing to shape up their bodies and heat up their love lives!

Q. Will my partner or husband be willing to do this?

Yes. The thought of increased sensuality and romance in the relationship should be enough to get your partner's attention. Ladies, I'm sure you can communicate this idea quite well. Your partner can also get a solid workout with good technique and a little imagination.

Q. I want to lose weight. Can I do it with this program?

Weight loss begins with a balanced lifestyle including exercise, health, and proper nutrition. To lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. You can increase your heart rate and caloric expenditure with The ABC's of Couple's Fitness™ by performing quick repetitions, increasing repetitions, resting less, and offering your partner more resistance during the movements. The Total Body Blast video was specifically designed to blast your metabolism & workout into the stratosphere.

Q. Will I build muscle with The ABC's of Couple's Fitness™?

You will not normally build muscle size. You will tone, shape, and strengthen body parts. Building muscle (Lean Body Mass) is accomplished though progressive resistance exercise (usually weight lifting), consuming more calories then you expend, and proper nutrition for muscle gain. The ABC's of Couple's Fitness ™ routines can be adapted to increase resistance during the movements.

Q. What about nutrition?

Proper nutrition is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats, protein, fruits and vegetables provides you with the nutrients necessary for healthy living. Consult with your physician for specific diets based on your personal situation.

Q. Tell us about the trainers who designed the choreographed the exercises.

Tony English owns and operates a gym and personal training business in Studio City California. He has been in business for over 10 years and has trained numerous celebrities in the Los Angeles area.

Tegan Mathew owned and operated a gym and personal training business in Sydney Australia for several years, and is a Life Coach.

Charles Nathan, the founder of ABC's of Fitness Inc., is a former Track and Field athlete, with knowledge of fitness concepts including aerobic, anaerobic energy systems, stretching, and general fitness.

Q. Can I build on these basic exercises and do more?

Yes. Increase the number of repetitions, sets, or vary the speed of the movements. You increase the resistance by applying more pressure to your partner, or alter the angle of some of the movements. Experiment with the movements to find the right motion for you as a couple.

Q. What videos do you have planned for the future?

Our mission is to produce an extensive library of fitness and exercise video products that are unique, affordable, and effective which benefit a wide range of people including, including couples, those with disabilities, seniors, plus sized individuals, children, and families. All videos will utilize the ABC concept.